Fat Git Enterprises

welcome to fat git enterprises
a company limited by incompetence

Fat Git Enterprises is a large, global, multi-national design, creative and entertainment organisation which tells terrible lies about itself. None of the many, highly-skilled and multi-talented staff have, mysteriously, ever been seen together in the same room at the same time. This makes the Company Sports & Social Club delightfully cheap to run. And the Staff Canteen needs only one chair.

Fat Git Enterprises' green credentials are exemplary and have been ever since Wee Ek got at them with his crayons. The company's carbon footprint is minimised by always wearing socks. Our vehicle fleet is undeniably green, despite this being considered an unlucky colour for cars.

Our Marketing Strategy is distinguished by it's new red and white striped plastic awning and our Public Relations department is renowned for its relations with certain foolishly-selected members of the public.

Fat Git Enterprises operates a strict Equal Opportunities Policy. Our distain for our suppliers, customers, regulators and staff is applied even-handedly and no exceptions are made, other than in return for food, drink and sexual favours.

No job is too small - but many, many are too difficult.